Sunday, August 12, 2007

Welcome to Views From the Tower

May you live in interesting times, says an ancient Chinese curse -- and who can deny that our times are interesting indeed! In the Tarot, The Tower card tells of cataclysmic change, wrenching loss, enormous destruction, complete upheaval in power, and the wrath of nature -- in other words, the state of the world today. It's easy to lose one's head and dive out. But despite the flames and lightning, there are options -- and opportunities. I call my blog "Views From the Tower" because I live in a small apartment in a high-rise that I rarely leave. It is both a sanctuary and a prison that provides a respite from the madness outside. I keep vampire hours. I don't entertain. Yet still, the world invades: the television, the telephone, email and the Internet, and my dreams. I stay out of the fray, but increasingly, I realize that I can't stay out of the struggles. In chaos there is profit, another old saying advises. We all of us, each of us, in our way, have a chance to build something better out of all that is broken. But we have to stay informed, we have to speak out, we have to be willing to surrender the comfortable familiar for something hard and new (I'm still working on that one). I'm trying to turn my tower into a vantage point, a platform, and a launching pad. I don't know if it will make any difference, but it couldn't hurt -- and just maybe it might help.

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