Friday, February 17, 2017

This Emperor is Butt Naked

Okay, I’m calmer now; I can write without foaming at the mouth. I’m still appalled that this sick, ignorant, pathological/delusional liar is actually president of this country, surrounded by a small brood of relatives, sycophants, a racist/anti-Semitic senior advisor, and nameless staffers who are bold enough to leak about the West Wing chaos, but not strong enough to quit and speak out publicly.

I’m still disturbed that the Democrats can’t seem to unite and fight back in a stronger, more cohesive manner. I’m even more upset that the Republicans, who managed to get together and thwart President Obama at every turn, in every way, from Day One of his first term – but don’t have the balls and real concern about this country to stand up and say “We were right during the primaries: Trump is dangerously unqualified and ‘Republican’ or not, we must join, we must lead, the fight to get his dumb ass out of the White House.”

I won’t blather on about Trump’s amazing cabinet and other top-job choices, so inappropriate it would make a great satire if it weren’t such a terrible reality. Nor will I add my two tarnished cents (in any detail) to the Russia/Putin dynamic that runs so deep and varied that it’s like one of those nested Russian dolls, where one big one unfolds to many increasing smaller ones. And I won’t dwell on President Tweet’s hateful, counter-productive, genuinely dangerous immigrant ban, or the fact that his words/manner regarding the media are equally hateful, counter-productive, and genuinely dangerous. And the astounded media must get a grip and take this bully down. This ain’t business as usual. Forget being polite and respectful. Nail him!

Those of us who still have all or most of our marbles know what’s going on in all these areas and others. Therefore I prefer to focus on the encouraging, massive, grassroots dissent, here and abroad, that is increasing in both size and organization. I know Trump thinks this a) isn’t really happening; b) if it is, it’s a Democratic plot personally organized by Hillary Clinton; c) isn’t as large as the fake news media would have us believe; and d) it is he, in fact, who is the inspiration and leader of a real political movement for change. Trump change isn’t needed by anyone – except Trump

I don’t think Trump’s supporters, for the most part, are stupid or even mean-spirited. I think they’re weary of their difficult lives and feel that both parties, traditional politicians in general, have either ignored them or let them down. Trump is a very shrewd, effective marketer. And thanks to a cowardly and irresponsible Electoral College, Trump brilliantly rallied his way into the White House. The problem is, now that he’s there, he doesn’t know what to do or how to do it. Because running a country is not like running a business, being a celebrity is not the same as being a leader, and doing the job is not nearly as much fun as running for it – which is why he’s still campaigning and holding rallies and complaining about the election. He’s freaked out. And it shows.

But the lemonade coming out of this lemon is, thankfully, reminding millions of Americans that citizenship isn’t just a matter of birth (or legal immigration). It comes with civic, secular responsibility and an ongoing call to political action. We’re furious that the popular vote doesn’t determine the winner – a situation, I believe, that makes half of eligible voters not bother to vote. The Founding Fathers so constantly lauded established the Electoral College to deliberately keep the favored in power. They did not believe The People were smart enough to elect the president.

And the Constitution, still enormously important, needs some serious freshening up. It has been in the past; that’s why there are many amendments. It is ridiculous to interpret the Constitution the way some people interpret the Bible: literally, fundamentally, and as something sacred. The world and America have changed a little over the past nearly-300 years. It’s up to us to unite, fight for our rights, fight against the wrongs, and keep government working and sane. The Constitution is a sound platform, not the last word.

We’re the only ones who can throw a blanket over our naked Emperor, escort him out of the palace, put him on one of his own planes, and take him to a large, comfortable, padded room on his Florida estate. Please keep him and his family out of New York. They’re snarling up traffic.

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