Thursday, December 17, 2015

Who’s Your Daddy?

If you don't get why Donald Trump is increasingly popular with many Americans of diverse stripes, you’re not seeing the big, emotional, nasty picture.

Trump supporters have endured nearly eight years of a black president. And not just black but a liberal pussy who favors diplomatic outreach instead of circling the wagons; doesn’t hate enough; doesn’t express things with enough passion or clarity; doesn’t understand the danger posed by immigrants; has no solution to terrorism; and, all-in-all, is the key reason America isn’t great anymore. Eight years! Black!!

Conversely, Donald Trump is, first and foremost, white. He’s also very rich, which means he must be smart and know how to get things done right. He says whatever he wants, often with anger and meanness and couldn’t care less what “those other people” think; and believes we should be giving everyone here and abroad a good fight.

Essentially Trump is a thug who personifies America at its best bad-ass self: completely confident, totally comfortable with bending (and breaking) the rules, and the John Wayne-style protector you want to have your back. And did I mention he’s white?

Donald Trump is the Daddy that tired, broke, frightened people want. And there are a lot of people out there who are scared shitless – without the courage that sometimes comes from being afraid but having the character to think well and take appropriate action anyway.

Even so-called smarter, economically stable Americans are weary and wary and want someone they think will take care of them, love them, and make it okay again to hate bad guys and the “wrong” people. When he’s ranting and not offering any true solutions to a bushel of serious, complicated problems, Trump is making folks feel that he’s personally giving them a big bear hug while whispering “Who’s your Daddy?” in their fearful ears.

Some folks know they’re embracing a wild teddy bear with severe ego and anger issues, but they don’t care. They want to feel good again. Much of America wants a Big Daddy President who will show the world who’s boss. Many of them don’t care what he thinks or believes.

And they sure don’t want a woman at the helm. Especially Hillary Clinton, who is not only a Clinton but a former member of the Obama administration with significant sins to her credit. Are we supposed to just forget about Benghazi and her e-mails? Besides, how much more change can a tired country take? We can’t go from a black man to the first woman in one fell swoop (even if she is white). She’s not even a Comforting Mommy. Come on, now.

I, like many liberated, independent women, have moments when I long for a big strong man who will love and hold and soothe me and say “It’s okay, Daddy’s here. Everything’s gonna be alright.” We resist it. Indeed, we often deny it. But I gotta tell you, the older and more tired and lonely (and broke) I get, the more I secretly wish a big strong man would come along and rescue me. I don’t mean a sugar daddy, although all gifts and contributions willingly/gratefully accepted. Just someone to lean on (and who knows how to fix things!).

Alas, Donald Trump is not the political or personal Daddy I want. But for many folks, he fits the bill perfectly. He’s not to be dismissed or taken lightly. He could genuinely end up being the official Republican candidate. And Hillary will have a harder fight on her hands than she or we may think. Although she should know better. After all, despite all of Bill’s foibles, she still wants her Daddy.

So, who’s your Daddy?

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