Friday, September 25, 2009

Autumnal Hiatus

I’m pleased and proud to announce that I now have my own column on Blogcritics ( It’s called

NewsWire, and you can get to it by going to the main site, clicking on the TV/Video category, and if you scroll down the homepage of that section, you’ll see, on the right, a sub-group called Current Features, and you should be able to view the NewsWire title, as well as my logo/icon: an old-fashioned weather-vane, complete with rooster and the four outstretched prongs, each with a directional letter on it: N E W S.

Click on the icon and it should take you to my column’s homepage, which is (or soon will be) topped by a banner, featuring a B&W photo of old-fashioned telephone/utility poles with wires strung from one to the other, many of them, alongside an empty highway leading to a distant horizon. I’m relying on the Blogcritics tech staff to put this together, because all I can manage to do is write and upload an article.

Somewhere – perhaps on the title page, but I really don’t know, will appear my permanent description of the column:

News is the lifeblood of participatory citizenship. Sometimes it's tainted with errors, sensationalism or dull stupidity; sometimes it's accurate, insightful, and genuinely informative. As (sadly) newspapers give way to screen-based news sources, TV news programs play an increasingly-important role in helping us understand what's happening in America and around the world. NewsWire monitors everything from the Sunday morning network/cable line-up, to PBS' Friday night roster of news/current affairs programs (and irregularly scheduled specials, like Frontline), to the comedy-news shows (Bill Maher especially, but also Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert), to the broadcast networks' nightly newscasts and the cable news channels' 24-hour fare. We don't cover everything every day (or even every week), but we eventually touch on it all – to let you know about the style and content of what's happening onscreen (and, when possible, behind-the-scenes).

As you can imagine, it’s going to take a while to get this going and establish a rhythm for it. Meanwhile, to make the process less stressful, I’m putting the Tower on hiatus through October; I’m sure that by November, I’ll be able to juggle both. I love writing Views From the Tower and have no intention of abandoning it. But NewsWire will allow me to immediately reach a broader audience while focusing on the subjects that fascinate me most: the news of the day and the couch potato medium that delivers it.

I’ll be sending announcements (to my corps of regular readers…) each time a NewsWire post goes up, and, of course, I’ll let you know when the Tower re-opens (I’m thinking: fireworks, maybe a Goodyear blimp…). Meanwhile, I hope you’re entering what will be a cool and lovely fall season. Don’t miss the glorious change-of-season colors, if you’re somewhere that the seasons do change. Either way, hang in, be well, and looking forward to hearing from you on NewsWire.


Paulette Esposito said...

Miz B.....HOORAY! That is wonderful exciting news! Congratulations and blessings on this new journey. Look out world audience, here comes MizB!!!



Nadine B. Hack, President beCause Global Consulting said...

Brava! Richly-earned, well-deserved recognition for your great work!

Terry S said...

Hey, how's it going?

I followed your instructions to find your column without success. I couldn't find any "Current Features" heading.

Terry S. (aka Baritone)

MizB said...

Terry/Baritone -- I'm way behind schedule; haven't posted the first article yet, but I'm hoping to in the next few days. Ah, Life: sick friends, money woes, you know the drill... Thanks for asking. Keep keeping an eye peeled.

Terry S said...

Indeed I do know the drill. Up late, huh? I never get to sleep before about 2AM.

Just a little plug for my son, here. He has started a web site:

It's designed for people to submit poems limited in length to the 140 character limit on Twitter. He's had some interesting submissions. He's quite a good poet himself.

He just started working at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and loves it. He hated a job he had at the NYU Law School.

Get some sleep.