Monday, December 08, 2008

The Tower is On Hiatus

Greetings, Tower Visitors:

There's so much to think and write and talk about: the presidential transition, the attacks in Mumbai, the audacity of U.S. automakers, the plight of millions of Americans as the now-official recession gathers speed with each new day, the holiday season & how we should perhaps be viewing it differently this year, etc., etc., and so forth.

All this and more have been much on my mind, but I've been unable to post, because I'm having eye trouble. No major disease. it's something called Dry Eye, which isn't serious as eye ailments go, but it's very irritating and debilitating. The symptoms are blurred vision, hyper-sensitivity to light, a burning sensation & tearing up, and feeling as if a piece of grit or something is in my eyes. I walk around, both indoors and outside, wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap, because of the light. I can't watch much TV, reading & writing online is extremely difficult, and reading a book, unless it's in large print, is virtually impossible.

Two docs have said the treatment is liberal use of artificial tears, which sounds more like a metaphor for something than eye-drops, but there you go. I'm hoping this will clear up soon, because I miss functioning normally and I very much miss holding forth here in the Tower.

So, until I resolve this problem, I'm taking a blogging break. Wishing you all a happy, healthy, holiday and a joyous, hopeful New Year. See you as soon as possible.

Warm regards,


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